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David McCool is certified as a Fly Casting Instructor by the Federation of Fly Fishers and in 2003 was Director of Instruction for the tenth Orvis® Corporate Fly Fishing School in the country.

A native of northern Michigan, McCool has an extensive fly fishing and hunting background and his travels have been reported in The New York Times, Fly Rod & Reel, Field & Stream, The Orvis® News, AARP, the United Kingdom's Trout Fisherman Magazine, Detroit News, Traverse The Magazine and many other mainstream publications.

McCool holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and has an extensive business background including technical product sales, marketing research, public, media and investor relations.

McCool is active in land and cold water resource protection efforts and was co-founder of the Boardman River Project, a grass roots organization formed to restore and maintain the integrity of the Boardman River watershed in northern Michigan.

David McCool,
certified casting instructor